Hell ‘n’ Back

Attention all Macklin Puppy Buyers …… please read

All Macklin Puppies are sold with the request that should the new owners circumstances change & they are no longer able to keep their Macklin German Shepherd that they contact us & we will gladly bring that dog home to Macklin for re-homing.

Why ???

  • Because we care
  • Because we want to know where the babies that we raised with love are
  • Because we want to ensure that all Macklin Shepherds are in a safe & happy home
  • Because sadly dogs can fall into the wrong hands sometimes

Recently a Macklin Shepherd found herself in the wrong hands after her original owners (who purchased her from us as a baby puppy) decided they could no longer keep her. Unfortunately they did not do as we request & they decided to re-home her themselves without contacting us first.

We have seen photo’s of the Macklin girl just after she passed onto her purchaser and she was in prime condition. But ill fate intervened & she was sold into a home where the dog found herself in a far from ideal situation.

As you can see from the 2 photo’s below this Macklin Shepherd was not given the proper care & nourishment that any dog deserves.

hellnback-after1 hellnback-after2-cropfull

This new owner then found that they also were unable to keep her and so again she was sold, but by a stroke of good luck a friend of ours purchased her this time. On arrival at her new home we were shocked to learn that in just under 4 months this girl had been reduced to an appalling condition as these photo’s will show ……

These photo’s were taken shortly after arrival at her new (3rd) home

She is now in a safe & happy home and we are pleased to say that this Macklin Shepherd is now very much loved. After just 2 months with her new family she is gaining weight, her coat condition is improving, her confidence is growing and she is losing that awful lost expression she had on her face when she first arrived in her current home.
She is enjoying learning the ropes in the show ring
~we wish her new family a happy & long association with this Macklin girl~

Here are some photo’s of the girl in question with “her new kids” and at her new pastime “dog shows” … looking better already :-))

hellnback-post1-200 hellnback-post-kids200 hellnback-post2-200

Another reason for contacting the breeder of your puppy.
If you can no longer keep or look after them, please do not move them on before you contact the breeder. Much to our disgust as Breeders, it still happens.

dog from hell for hellnback good photo dog for hell and back page breeders home
This is a son of a Macklin dog. Diesel in his first home before being re-homed.
dog for hell and back rescure page 2 homes latter dog-for-hell-and-back-web-rescure-2-homes-latter-sm
This is Diesel after being moved onto 2 homes before his rescue.
Diesel is now in a rescue home with tender loving care will survive.
Diesel 5 weeks latter Diesel 5 weeks latter.2
Diesel 5 weeks later recovering well.


If for ANY reason you cannot keep your Macklin Shepherd please contact me first
before you attempt to re-home the dog.

We understand that circumstances can change & that there are times
that our puppy buyers may need help.