True colours

True Colours of the German Shepherd dog.
Bluey 6 weks Blue baby
Meet Metal
Yes, I am a German Shepherd. No I’m not a sable,
 nor am I Blue. My colour is called
 “Gun Metal Grey”.
Bluey 4halfweeks 17thaugust Bluey 6 weeks
You don’t have to be a Traditional Black and Tan German Shepherd to have a Calm, Outgoing, Stable but Alert Temperament to suit Families which is what we strive to breed here at Macklin. Temperament is the top most priority on our list. Now we have Temperament and beautiful coats and colours to suit any family.

Also here at Macklin we don’t just Breed the Traditional colours of the German Shepherd we have
Poser 7 weeks Venus 7 weeks
Solid Black  Silver Sable
2011_09099thofSeptember0017 2011_081313thAugust0049
Black/Gold Red Sable
6 week Black Sable puppy 2011_0320puppy210320110003
Black Sable Bi Colour

Pointer 3mths (9) Pointer 3mths (10) Pointer 3mths (11)
This is Pointer. He is DNA tested and is 100% pure German Shepherd. He is called a Panda German Shepherd.
If you look at the Panda German Shepherds overseas on the internet you will see that he is one of them. He has a Solid Black Sire and a Solid Black Dam Solid Black Dam which live in Western Australia and are not related to the Macklin Clan.
This Gene can be a hidden gene.

Long Coats are Coming