At Macklin Kennels we have been successfully breeding German Shepherds for 25 years. Originally situated in the Northern Territory of Australia, we arrived in Heywood Victoria in 2000, now as of 2017 Macklin has relocated to South Australia.

Our breeding program concentrates on producing sound dogs suitable for family companions and obedience. We strive to breed the large square traditional type of Shepherd, with sound hips/elbows and friendly happy personalities. Whilst we specialise in the long coat German Shepherd we also have the short coat variety.

We also specialise in the Solid Black colour German Shepherd with the traditional Sable colour part of our breeding program too. In our experience we find that the long coats have a mellowed laid back attitude to life and make a wonderful companion.

Looking that bit bigger than the short coat Shepherd with their profuse coats, they are excellent to scare off any intruder (even though if the truth be known they would actually prefer a pat hug). The solid blacks also have a wonderful loving temperament with a real I want to be with you attitude.

At Macklin Kennels we have carefully selected our solid black lines. Apart from ensuring they are sound in body and mind we have concentrated on lines with dark eyes and no white marking in their pedigrees. All breeding age Macklin German Shepherd’s are elbow and hip scored. Certificate results available on request.

We hope you enjoy your visit and come back often.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our dogs.