Picture Perfect

Black Dogs 3 web Black Dogs1 Black Dogs2
Solid black is back
Baby-longcoats-10hrs-old puppies-for-web-6-weeks My-ears-will-stand-up-trust
 Baby longcoats 10hrs old Puppies 6 weeks My ears will stand up – trust me
Baby-Sambo2 Macklin-Long-Shadow-5 Macklin-Long-Shadow-4
 Baby Sambo Macklin Long Shadow Macklin Long Shadow
Baby-Keno Dad-showing-the-way Bingo-and-Sambo-in-the-dirt
Baby Keno  Dad showing the way  Bingo and Sambo in the dirt
 macklin-blacks-at-play  Storm-Jn-Son-of-Storm3  shilohsnowstorm
 Macklin blacks at play
Storm Jr son of Storm
Shiloh Snow Storm
Storm-Sister Storm-Grandson2 Samson-son-of-Storm
 Storm’s sister
Storm’s grandson
 Samson son of Storm
 Thunder,s-Son 2010_0119BlackDogs0040_web  2010_0119BlackDogs0046
 Thunder’s son
 2010_0124puppies24thjan0019 2010_0124puppies24thjan0017  2010_1227blackpuppy0006
  Lady and Sambo’s cute fluffy puppies – 4 weeks
 I like the wind in my face
2010_1227blackpuppy0010 2011_0125Skittapups1week0019 2011_0412sleepyheads0022
I love the grass
 Puppies at play
 We are just too tired to move
2011_0412_sleepyheads0021 2011_0412sleepyheads0026 puppies 4 bit weeks biggest rib bone 003
 We are so tired
 All played out
 Macklin pups 4 weeks
puppies 4 bit weeks biggest rib bone 008 Silver Sable Silvera_4_mths
 Biggest rib bone ever
 Silver 8 weeks
 Silver 4 months
Silveria_6_mths_(3) Silver 6mths ears up silver-9mths1
 Silver 5 months
 Silver 6 months
 Silver 9 months
silver-9mths2 2011_0820Silver20thaugust0021 silver12mths-003_web
 Silver 9 months
 Silver 12 months
 Silver 13 months
Hank_web IMG_0894_web ruski-for-web4
 Boss & Keno’s son Hank
 Nakita’ & Boss’s daughter Jessie
 Nakitta & Boss’s daughter Ruski
valuation day 067 valuation day 063 valuation day 068
valuation day 064 valuation day 065 valuation day 066
Sambo, Poser, Bingo, Nala and Porsha being verified as long stockcoats by 3 Judges,
at Mt Gambier dog show over Easter.
Comments from the Judges were, nice large bone dogs, good to see some old style German Shepherds.
Better than the harbour bridge dogs.
Macklin Yeah Bob sambo keno son 001 sambo keno son 003
 Macklin Yea Bob at 5 mths
 Now try & get me
 Do you think I look cool?
sambo keno son 002 merlin Chantelle_visit_023_(Small)
 I can balance my frisbee
 Boss & Keno’s son Melbourne Pet show
 Maddy Till’s sister
11 Pups moving camp
Tilly pups moving camp 026 Tilly pups moving camp 027 Tilly pups moving camp 028
Tilly pups moving camp 031 Tilly pups moving camp 033 Tilly pups moving camp 034
Tilly pups moving camp 035 Tilly pups moving camp 037 Tilly pups moving camp 039
Tilly pups moving camp 042 Tilly pups moving camp 043 Tilly pups moving camp 044
Tilly pups moving camp 045 Tilly pups moving camp 050  
  muddy show dogs not 013   
Janette lending helping hand
with show dogs