Liver German Shepherds

Welcome to the Liver German Shepherd

Liver German Shepherds are a special and unusual type of shepherd because of the diluted brown coat colour caused by a Recessive Gene.




Hip/Elbow Certificate

DNA Certificate


DNA Certificate

Carries Liver Gene & Solid Black Gene

As with our journey of the Solid Black LongCoats over the past 25 years, we look forward to a new chapter with the beautiful long coat Liver German Shepherd .

As with our long coat Solid Blacks our Liver program will strive for calm gentle natures and  temperaments for family companions.

The Liver coat colour difference is the only difference from the traditional German Shepherd. It’s a personal preference if you want a liver puppy.

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Just some information on the Liver Colour

The Liver Gene only affects the appearance of the coat everything else of the dog is much the same as the German Shepherd. The brown/liver colour appears on both skin and coat including the nose. Liver puppies must have both parents carrying the liver gene as it is a recessive gene it has to be on both sides. The Solid Liver coloured German Shepherd dog is recognised by the AKC which is the breed standard overseas, but not recognised by the ANKC here in Australia.